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 To bear the Montenegrin spirit within is both a favour and a curse. Montenegro is both its seafoam and powdery snow, the playful outline of its rocky cliffs and its rushing rivers, the cry of its battles and the intoxication of its wars. It is a land of hope and despair, of reality and dreams. It has been scarred by bullets and strokes of lightning. The paths of peace and tranquility have been known to become lost in it. Montenegro has never begged for mercy because of its love of freedom, but it has never understood why this love should be a sin. It is a land of contrasts and paradoxes - of deep darkness and luxurious light, of free imprisonment and imprisoned freedom. It is a nevertold history of how for centuries men have shed secret tears for both themselves and others. Montenegro is a state which has not known state divisions just as it has not known the dividing line between life and death. It is the banquet table of poverty, the grief of the abandoned hearth, the restlessness of eternity, the mother who tore at her loose hair for the children she drove away from her apron strings. Its mountains are harsh and mild, sad and gay. It is the window open to freedom which continuously brings in the broken chains of oppression, it is constantly in wounds which it bathes with dewdrops.    VELJKO VLAHOVIC
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Biljana Kekovic - biography and gallery

Danijela Mršulja - biography and mini gallery

The Old Town of Ulcinj - Through the centuries

Maja Djuric
The framework of the perceived

Written by Henry Midgley
Djuradj, Prince of Montenegro

Veseljko Koprivica - Best of Montenegro

Milena Jovicevic Popovic - biography and mini gallery

Sculptures - Miodrag Šćepanović

The fifth great international carnival procession
The sevnth
spring night under masks

Lydia Filipovic

Sladjana Vujovic
Biography and critics

Ratko Djurovic
Montenegrin cinematography

Olga Perovic
Contemporary montenegrin figurative arts

Interview with
Milica Nikcevic

The study of Piero Sticotti "The roman municipality of Doclea in Montenegro",
(The distressing testimonial to our behavior towards our heritage)

Andrej Nikolaidis
(Fragment from the novel)

Duklja (Doclea), the first Montenegrin state under the first dynasty, the Vojislavljevic

Milutin Labovic:
The Montenegrin hat was the first blue helmet

Lord Alfred Tennyson

Ognjen Spahic
Aftermath of the Clothes of Text

Old postcards and photos from Montenegro
Dear visitors, we published a unique collection of postcards and photos from old Montenegro. Some of those photos are online for the first time. We hope you will enjoy seeing the gallery.             Click here to view the gallery.

Montenegrina.Net presents the up-coming artist from Montenegro - Milena Jovicevic Popovic:

NY Arts Magazine published an article about Montenegrin artist Milena Jovicevic Popovic. Read the article and view mini gallery of Milena's work that we prepared for you.                                                      Click here...

In 1903, the Montenegro Post was the first in Europe to motorize the transportation of letters and packages when it acquired a car.

Presentation of Montenegrin culture in Adriatic Initiative

Association of Montenegrin publishers will present modern Montenegrin literature on the Book fair in Pula, Croatia. This will be just a start of a new Festival, called “Polis- Adriatic – Europe” (Polis – Jadran – Evropa), which will be held in Trieste, Kopar, Pula, Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Bar, Ulcinj, Drac, Bari, Ancona and Venice, next year. The aim of this multi-ethnic initiative (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania) is to create cultural networks in the Mediterranean region. Apart from modern literature, Montenegrin culture will be presented by Montenegrin painters, national folklore, theatre and architecture. Also, a documentary movie about modern Montenegrin poets will be presented on the event, for the first time. The movie was created in co-production of Croatian and Montenegrin National TV stations.